Norman Regional Health System

NMOTION providers will dig deep to find the root cause of your chronic inflammation, recurrent injuries or symptoms that are hindering your performance. After your initial evaluation, a treatment plan will be developed based on your specific concerns, condition and goals. Treatment plans may include a combination of imaging, lab work, specialty testing, lifestyle modifications, sports nutrition plans, exercise prescriptions, training plans, return to play plans, nutrient therapy, peptide therapy, injections, supplements and remote patient monitoring.

athlete with inflamed knee

Athletes become faster, stronger, and more powerful over time by adapting to training loads and becoming more resilient. Finding the right balance between training and recovery leads to consistent, illness-and-injury-free training. This will ultimately allow the individual to fulfill their athletic potential and reach their goals. The improper balance of training and recovery causes chronic inflammation which leads to interrupted training plagued by injuries and illness. How an athlete responds to chronic inflammation varies widely and is impacted by genetic and environmental factors. Focusing on gut health, energy, immunity, thyroid function, hormones, toxic load, and adrenal function are essential. All of these systems are interconnected, so it is important not to look at them in isolation, but rather as a whole. At NMOTION we will address the root of the problem and its impact on the whole system. We will work with each patient to achieve top-level energy, power, endurance and performance.