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Getting us all to a healthier place.

What moves you. Moves us.

NMotion staff

Why choose NMOTION?

NMOTION is focused on the “health” aspect of healthcare. We provide an opportunity for athletes, current, past, or future, to take a holistic approach to their health and wellness ensuring that performance is optimized both in sports and in life. Our collaborative approach integrates nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and stress management to help patients establish new routines for better health.

Bridging the gap between fitness and medicine to empower individuals to live healthier, more fulfilling lives is our goal. We stand behind the statement WHAT MOVES YOU, MOVES US!

“Anyone on a physical pursuit to greatness is an athlete in my eye. The greatness you pursue can be sport, work, family or life,” - Amanda Sadler, MD

Doctor Amanda Sadler shares her vision.

When Amanda Sadler, MD, tells her patients she understands what they’re going through, she means it.

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