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GI Effects

The GI Effects® Comprehensive Stool Profile is a group of advanced stool tests that provide immediate, actionable clinical information for the management of gastrointestinal health. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and biomarkers, this profile offers valuable insight into digestive function, intestinal inflammation, and the intestinal microbiome.

GDX NutraEval Plasma

The NutrEval Plasma® is both a blood and urine test that evaluates over 125 biomarkers and assesses the body's functional need for 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support and other select nutrients.

GDX Organix Basic

The Organix Profile provides a view into the body's cellular metabolic processes and the efficiency of metabolic function.

GDX Organix Comprehensive

The Organix® Comprehensive Profile is a nutritional test providing insights into organic acids and a view into the body's cellular metabolic processes.

GDX Essential FA

The Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Bloodspot is an at-home fingerstick collection of whole blood to assess the balance of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and give vital insight into cardiovascular risk.

DUTCH Complete

The Dutch Complete™ is a comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites.


The DUTCH Plus® adds salivary measurements of the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) to the DUTCH Complete™ to bring another important piece of the HPA axis into focus.

DUTCH Cycle Mapping Complete

The DUTCH Cycle Mapping™ maps the progesterone and estrogen pattern throughout the menstrual cycle. It provides the full picture of a woman’s cycle to answer important questions for patients with month-long symptoms, infertility and PCOS.

DUTCH Cycle Mapping Plus

Cycle Mapping™ PLUS combines the full picture of a woman’s cycle and adds salivary measurements of the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) to bring another important piece of the HPA axis into focus.

Cyrex Food Immune Reactivity Screen: Serum Antibody.

This unique, revolutionary panel measures reactivity to food antigens in the cooked, raw, modified or processed form on the same panel.

Cyrex Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen™ Serum Antibody.

Measures intestinal permeability to large molecules, which inflame the immune system. Identifies the route of damage to the intestinal barrier and the presence of immune reactivity to Lipopolysaccharides (LPS).

Cyrex Chemical Immune Reactivity Screen™ Serum Antibody.

Toxic heavy metals and chemicals are all around us, in our environment and in our foods. This test identifies the body’s toxic burden.

Diagnostic Solutions GI-MAP

The GI-MAP (GI-Microbial Assay Plus) quantitatively assesses a patient’s microbiome with attention to bacterial, parasitic, and viral pathogens that can cause disease, disrupt the normal microbial balance, and contribute to chronic GI illness. This is a DNA PCR Stool Analysis.


Metabolomix+ stands out as an innovative blend of nutritional assessments, offering insights into crucial nutritional biomarkers. This test involves a simple urine sample taken during the first-morning void (FMV), and it can be supplemented with optional bloodspot and buccal swab tests. Designed to be non-intrusive and convenient for patients, Metabolomix+ evaluates the body's requirements for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive aids, fatty acids, and amino acids.

MaxGen - The Works! Panel

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