Norman Regional Health System

Thursday, April 25, 2024

This weekend, as the energy and excitement of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon takes over, NMotion Sports and Human Performance invites you to enhance your race experience at the Health and Fitness Expo held at the Oklahoma City Convention Center.

This Friday and Saturday, NMotion will feature a dynamic booth designed to support and provide resources for both competitors and attendees in reaching their peak performance and recovery goals.

Visit the NMotion Booth

Visit the NMotion booth for a range of services designed to optimize marathon performance and recovery. Our skilled team will be providing athlete lab panels for in-depth health assessments with customized recommendations to optimize your training and recovery strategies.

Take advantage of our sweat concentration testing to tailor your hydration plan for race day, ensuring optimal performance and endurance.

Dry needling will also be available to provide targeted muscle relief, helping to alleviate pain and improve muscle function before or after the marathon.
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Come and explore the benefits of our advanced recovery technologies to prepare for or recover from the marathon. Experience the Normatec compression boots, which improve circulation and blood flow, crucial for both pre-race preparation and post-race recovery. NMotion will also offer a range of nutrient injections, including B12, immune injections, vita complex, and amino acids, all designed to boost your overall health and energy levels.

Additionally, don’t miss out on genetic testing and custom meal plans, tailored specifically to your individual results to optimize your training regimen and dietary intake, ensuring that you are fully prepared for every aspect of marathon demands.

Enter the NMotion Prize Package Giveaway

All visitors to the booth can enter a drawing to win an exclusive NMotion prize package, loaded with goodies to support your athletic journey and encourage a health-first lifestyle. This is your chance to bring a piece of NMotion excellence home!

Who Should Visit?

Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner, a sports enthusiast, or someone interested in learning more about how holistic sports medicine can enhance your lifestyle, NMotion’s booth is your go-to destination. Our services cater to more than just athletes:

  • Competitive Athletes: Tailor your recovery process with our services to maintain peak condition.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Discover new ways to integrate our services into your routine, whether you’re training for an event or striving for personal health goals.
  • Anyone looking to improve their overall wellbeing: Get inspired by the possibilities of a healthier, more active lifestyle and learn how NMotion can support your journey. In the words of NMotion’s physician Amanda Sadler, MD, “Anyone on a physical pursuit to greatness is an athlete in my eye. The greatness you pursue can be sports, work, family or life.”

Sports and Human Performance

At NMotion Sports and Human Performance, we believe in the power of holistic care to not only optimize sports performance but also enhance life quality. Our commitment to integrating fitness and medicine and our support for community well-being, set us apart in the field of sports performance. We’re not just about treating athletes; we're about creating them and what moves you, moves us!

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Health and Fitness Expo is more than just a race event; it’s a celebration of health, endurance, and community spirit. Make sure to stop by the NMotion booth to experience firsthand how our services can transform your approach to health and fitness. Your journey towards optimal health and peak performance starts here, at the heart of Oklahoma City! See you at the Oklahoma City Convention Center!